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What is generic Nolvadex?


Nolvadex (its active component is tamoxifen citrate) is one of anti-cancer agents that is dispensed in the United States only by prescription.
Nolvadex is one of SERMs – selective estrogen receptor modulators both with estrogenic (for strengthening bones) and anti-estrogenic (to cure breast cancer) effects. Brand Nolvadex is produced by AstraZeneca. Its generic analogues are sold under different tradenames and are manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals, Ivax Pharmaceuticals, Barr Laboratories, and others.

What are indications for the use of generic Nolvadex?


With generic Nolvadex, it is possible to cure the symptoms of metastatic, receptor-positive breast cancer types and ductal carcinoma. Nolvadex is also given as a preventive measure for women who are at a high risk of getting breast cancer. As for off-label indications of generic Nolvadex, sometimes it is given to females whose ovaries fail to produce eggs required for fertility. In rare cases, only after a doctor’s decision, Nolvadex is prescribed to adolescent patients with McCune-Albright Syndrome.

When to take generic Nolvadex?


Generic Nolvadex has to be received orally - in one or two intakes per day. This preparation is available only in a tablet form. Its intake doesn’t depend on mealtime, but if you have sensitive stomach you may consider taking Nolvadex with food. Nolvadex has to be taken in one and the same time every day during the treatment.

How to take generic Nolvadex?


The daily dosage of generic Nolvadex may vary depending on few factors like the severity of breast cancer, whether or not medication is used for cancer prevention, individual tolerance.. Administer Nolvadex directly as prescribed by a therapist.

What are precautions for taking generic Nolvadex?


To provide a safe treatment process with generic Nolvadex, please tell your therapist about all medical conditions and allergies. Nolvadex is contradicted to patients with vaginal bleeding, blood clots or a history of strokes; pregnancy or lactation, allergy to tamoxifen citrate and intakes of anticoagulants (blood thinners) are other contraindications for the drug administration.

What are side effects of Generic Nolvadex?


Like most preparations, generic Nolvadex may cause few mild side effects including hot flashes, fluid retention, nausea, abnormal bleedings and vaginal discharge in women.

Where to buy Generic Nolvadex?


The easiest solution for everyone who wants to buy this preparation is to appeal to online shopping. Order generic Nolvadex online because you will be able to get a discount for the purchase (many web pharmacies provide great deals for newcomers and loyal customers), to use quality products offered at low cost due to generic origin. Generic Nolvadex can be purchased online. The web drugstores also offer free and quick shipping of customers’ orders.


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