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Generic Inderal 20 mg

Generic Inderal 20 mg online

Inderal is a non-selective beta blocker indicated for management of angina, abnormal heart rate, hypertension, anxiety, panic, tremors and for prophylaxis of migraines and cluster headaches. The medicine is available in oral tablet form of different doses. 20mg strength pill of Inderal is taken twice or thrice daily before meals.

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What is Inderal?
Inderal belongs to the class of sympatholytics commonly used for anxiety, panic and hypertension treatment. The key ingredient of the drug is propranolol hydrochloride, a non-selective beta blocker, successful in deceleration of the heart rate and lowering blood pressure. The brand name medication is produced by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals while also is available under various generic names depending on the manufacturer.

When is Inderal indicated?
Inderal is indicated for the management of various blood vessels- and heart-related diseases, including hypertension, tachy-arrhythmia, angina, cardiac infarction, tremors, hyperhidrosis, thyrotoxicosis, glaucoma and migraine prevention. It is used off-label for tension headache, anxiety, psychogenic polydipsia and alcohol withdrawal symptoms relief. It is often taken by artists to overcome stage fright due to its sedative effects. The drug is also used for esophageal variceal bleeding and ascites prevention.

How to take Inderal?
Inderal comes in tablet form and is usually taken 2 to 4 times a day. Tablets should be taken at evenly spaced intervals of time preferably on an empty stomach. The dose for hypertension treatment may range from 80 to 240 mg q12h. The maximum tolerable dose is 640 mg a day. The dose for abnormal heart rhythm is 10-30 mg q8h or q6h. The dose for angina may vary from 80 to 320 mg a day received in two, three or four intakes. The migraine prevention dose is between 80 and 240 mg a day. Do not stop receiving the drug abruptly as it may provoke serious side effects.

What are Inderal side effects?
Inderal side effects are similar to all lipophilic beta blockers and include sleep disorders like insomnia, vivid dreams and nightmares. It may also provoke slow heart rate, fatigue, low blood sugar level, depression, short-term memory loss and gastrointestinal disorders. Immediately report to your doctor if you develop irregular heartbeat, asthma, difficulty breathing and swallowing, wheezing, confusion, skin rash or itching.

When is Inderal contraindicated?
Inderal is contraindicated to patients hypersensitive to propranolol hydrochloride and to patients with bronchial asthma. It is also contraindicated at sinus bradycardia and cardiogenic shock. The drug is referred to pregnancy category C and can cause premature birth. However it won’t cause much harm to infants when received by breastfeeding women.

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