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What is Geriforte?


Geriforte is an ayurvedic medicine created by Himalaya Herbals that is aimed at promoting anabolic processes within the body. It regulates the function of the endocrine system in order to increase the regeneration of tissues, boost the appetite, and promote the activity within the central nervous system. By reducing stress and acting as an adaptogenic, this medicine slows down the degenerative processes and increases the regeneration of all cells and tissues. Thanks to its antioxidant properties this medicine effectively combats free radicals within the body, lessening their cell-damaging effect. Geriforte can also act as an immunomodulator, boosting the body’s defenses against viruses and bacteria. Geriforte promotes the health of respiratory and circulatory systems, while decreasing the levels of “bad” cholesterol within the bloodstream. This medicine also boosts appetite and improves digestion, rejuvenating the body and preventing the skin from aging.

What are the indications for using Geriforte?


Geriforte is indicated for people who live a stressful life and who are at risk of aging too soon. If you constantly experience physical or mental exhaustion, this medicine is right for you.

What is the dosage for Geriforte?


One tablet of Geriforte should be taken during meals two times per day. Since this medicine treats the body as a whole, it takes a while to act; however, within the first month of treatment the results become quite noticeable.

What are the contraindications for using Geriforte?


If you are allergic to any of the components of Geriforte, you should not be taking this medicine. If you experience throat swelling, itchy rash, and other symptoms of anaphylaxis, discontinue the use of Geriforte and immediately seek medical attention.

What are the adverse effects of Geriforte?


There are no adverse effects for Geriforte since it is an all-natural medicine. However, if you do experience any allergic reaction, you should immediately stop using Geriforte and contact your doctor.


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