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Finpecia (Propecia) 1 mg

Finpecia (Propecia) 1 mg online

Finpecia 1 mg is an oral antiandrogenic solid dosage form for male pattern baldness treatment. It contains Finasteride, a ferment that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, thus prevents hair from falling and inducing it to regrow. The medicine is administered once daily for 3 or more months depending on the individual response to treatment.

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What is Finpecia?

Finpecia is a drug used for the androgenic alopecia treatment. Its main active component is finasteride, a substance approved for the therapy of benign prostatic hypertrophy. Each pill contains 1 mg of finsteride. It works by inhibiting a specific enzyme which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is DHT that affects skin structure, hair follicles and sebaceous gland. A person suffering from androgenic alopecia loses his hair because his hair follicles are too sensitive to DHT. Thus, Finpecia treats baldness by reducing the level of DHT in the scalp.

When should Finpecia be administered?

This medication is indicated for the therapy of androgenic alopecia (also sometimes called male pattern baldness) ONLY. Such type of baldness occurs in 95% of cases. The drug cannot be taken to treat other forms of baldness (spot baldness, stress-induced alopecia, baldness caused by the lack of vitamins and nutrient, etc.) The nature of these forms of baldness differs from that of androgenic alopecia, and, thus, they require other treatment approaches.

How to take Finpecia?

One pill of Finpecia should be taken any time during a day before or after a meal, but it’s recommended to use it at approximately the same time each day to get better result. If you miss the time when you have to take the pill, then you should go on with your regular schedule – next day take only one pill. Never increase your dose as it may result in unpleasant side effects. To get a visible effect Finpecia should be taken at least for 3 month or even more.

What are the contraindications?

Finpecia is intended for the therapy of androgenic alopecia in males ONLY; it must not be taken by women or children. Also it should not be used by people who are allergic to any of its components, and particularly finasteride. Note that pregnant females or those who are planning to get pregnant soon should not even touch broken or crushed Finpecia pills.

What side effects can be caused by Finpecia?

The use of this medication may provoke any of the listed below adverse reactions (although they are quite rare):

  • Low libido;
  • Problems with erection;
  • Reduced amount of sperm.

Where to purchase Finpecia?

You can buy Finpecia online from our online pharmacy or go to the nearest drugstore and purchase it there. But the first option is more advantageous for those who value their time and money. Our site offers best prices for this preparation.

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