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Fincar 5 mg

Fincar 5 mg online

Fincar is a medication for erectile dysfunction treatment, containing Finasteride as key ingredient. It works by converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone helping to relieve enlarged prostate symptoms. The dose of 5 mg q24h for 6 or more months has proven to reduce the prostate size and sustain therapeutic benefit in patients responsive to treatment.

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What is Fincar?

Fincar is a medicine used as a pharmaceutical means to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, with the main component called finasteride. It works by inhibiting 5-alpha reductase and blocking the growth of the prostatic tissue and also the benign prostatic hyperplasia progression.

Who should take generic Finasteride 5 mg?

Fincar is administered in males suffering from benign prostatic enlargement. The treatment is aimed at:

  • Prevention of the urological complications (to reduce the risk of acute retention of urine) as well as reduction of the necessity for surgical intervention (including transurethral prostatic resection and prostatectomy);
  • Reducing the size of the enlarged prostate gland, improving urine flow and reducing the severity of the symptoms and signs associated with benign enlargement of the prostate.

The Fincar therapy is indicated in males with enlarged prostate gland.

How to take Fincar?

Fincar should be taken as follows – one pill on a daily basis with or without food. If it is taken regularly, then the following effects appear:

  • in 3 months the volume of the prostate gland is reduced;
  • in 4 months the maximum urinary flow rate is increased;
  • in 7 months the common symptoms and signs of the urinary tract obstruction are reduced.

Approximately 50% of the patients show no clinical signs after the 12-month treatment.

Are there any contraindications to taking Fincar?

The drug should not be used by those patients who are hypersensitive to its components, as well as by those with obstructive uropathy or prostate cancer. It is not to be administered in children and women. Moreover, females of reproductive age and pregnant women should avoid any contacts with crushed pills as it may disturb the genital organs development in fetus.

What are the adverse reactions of Fincar?

Fincar may be the cause of the following side effects:

  • low libido and erection difficulties;
  • ejaculation disturbance, reduced ejaculate volume;
  • enlargement and painfulness of mammary glands;
  • allergic reactions such as itching, rash or swelling.

Also there are some reports about breast cancer cases in patients who were treated with finasteride.

Where to buy Fincar?

If you’ve been prescribed Fincar, there are two options how to buy it – either from a local drugstore or from our site. Our online pharmacy offers quite favorable price for this preparation.

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